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Why I Became a Coach

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Before I became a Personal and Business Coach, I had spent twenty-three years in a successful corporate career. It was a fast-paced, innovative environment with great people to work alongside (you can read more about the lead-up to my change here - About Me).

I reached a point however where I

knew I wanted to make a change to afford me a different work/life balance and to delve into something that met more powerfully my values and interests. Something where I could utilise the skills and experiences I had worked hard in curating.

I had previously experienced executive business coaching and had worked alongside a very good exec coaching company, helping to integrate coaching, training, and organisational change within the organisation that I worked for. I had always resonated with this area and saw first-hand the powerful way coaching can help groups and individuals evolve.

I had also benefited from a positive one-to-one life coaching relationship, proving a powerful catalyst in navigating toward some huge life changes.

I spent time reflecting on things I wanted from a career and more widely from my life. A career never sits in isolation, so it pays to look across all aspects of your life and where else you see a desire for change, so I did just that.

I spent time reflecting on my values which helped me understand better what I deemed important in my career. I came to believe that if you can satisfy your values, you are many more steps closer to being happy and content (more about values in my blog).

I looked at my strengths and skills and I found more synergies appearing with coaching. I enhanced my coaching skill set with further training and accreditation, this coupled with working directly with clients ignited the passion I now retain.

For me, being able to help individuals achieve positive change in their lives is immensely rewarding. I love that coaching can provide renewed awareness, and with the right help, enables us to achieve the changes we desire and to be the version of ourselves.

With coaching, you will be joining people on a very important and sometimes personal journey. The journey will contain a few bumps, twists, turns and obstacles to navigate. The road may even have to be found first! With any of these types of journeys, coaching is there to help.

In summary, what has brought me to coaching? Positive experiences with life and business coaching, strong links to my existing skill set and experiences, links to my values, work/life balance structure, working for myself, passion for continued self-development, and the experiences of working with my clients all have taken me deeper into coaching.

I'm very excited and motivated knowing the positive changes I can help my current and future clients obtain.

If you are interested in contacting me, I would be very happy to have a conversation with you. Let's talk about how we could work together!

Nick Howell - Life, Personal Development, Career & Leadership Coach

Nick is a Life, Personal Development, Career & Leadership Coach based in Norfolk, England. Through his work with individuals and businesses, he helps unlock potential. Helping his clients achieve success and happiness in their personal lives and careers -


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