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Hi There, I’m Nick,

I’m an ICF accredited coach, with a passion for helping people achieve positive and lasting change in their lives.


I provide coaching on a 1-1 basis with a particular interest in Life and Self-Development Coaching.

Whether it’s personal 1-1 coaching or coaching individuals within an organisation; as an accredited coach I offer an accessible, friendly, and tailored coaching experience based on your own needs and circumstances.


I firmly believe that a coaching approach in our personal and work lives can play a pivotal role in helping us all achieve our goals, for us to reach our potential and become happier.

Based in Norfolk, England, I coach in surrounding areas and can coach virtually worldwide.

I'm married with three children, aged five, seven, and nine, living in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk.  I'm very much an outdoors person and value spending time with my family in the surrounding countryside and coast.

My Coaching Approach

My energy and motivation comes from being able to help you in navigating a path of personal development and self-awareness. 


We take a journey together with you in the driving seat, we look at things from different perspectives, gain new self-awareness and tools to help you to build a lasting path of change.

My approach is based on ‘Transformative Coaching’, Transformative Coaching explores your inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values, and expectations to create greater possibilities for ways of being in life.


It comes from a place of belief that everyone is unique, and everyone can learn, grow and develop with a little support on the journey.

My Business and Organisational Background

In my life before coaching, I enjoyed a successful twenty-three-year career, working in the global corporate arena.  Through senior operational leadership roles, I’ve successfully led, developed, and coached high-performing individuals and teams across differing customer centric service delivery functions.

I've worked in areas including IT Service Delivery, Facility Operations, Health, and Safety, Environmental, Secretarial Operations, Project Delivery, Commercial, Acquisition onboarding and Finance.

I've coupled my deep business experience with a professional, certified coaching skill set to provide a rounded coaching and mentoring offering that can support your needs in a tailored way.

My Qualifications

I hold a 2:1 BA degree in Information Systems and Business Management.  I hold a diploma in Transformative Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching both with whom I’m member.

I’m also committed to continuous ongoing learning and development in the field of coaching.

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My Background Story

"As a coach, my passion is to positively affect my client's lives by helping to them achieve clarity on the changes they wish to make.  Then helping to navigate and signpost their path towards lasting change."

As I travelled through my forties, I was balancing a young and growing family with a demanding but successful career.

Before setting up my own coaching practise, my career was spent within the corporate environment.  Over twenty-three years I held many managerial, and leadership positions, ultimately holding senior leadership roles within a global and successful blue-chip organisation.  It was fast paced and high performing.  The corporate world was my home and I was fully immersed within it.

I enjoyed my career and I worked hard.  My journey allowed me to gain deep rooted skillsets, build rich life experiences and gain friendships.  I was lucky enough to work with many fantastic, driven and smart individuals.

I was also lucky enough to take a year out of my career along the way (before kids!) to travel around the world.  I have always been drawn to adventure and travel, and this experience helped shape my outlook on life further.  I actually met my wife to be on my travels!

Something remained unfulfilled, but I wasn’t entirely clear what bit was missing for me in my career.  I spent time working through my situation with lots of back and forth.  I then decided to seek out a life coach to help me navigate what it was that I was searching for.

Through that successful partnership, I gained clarity on my values (read my blog on the Power of Values) and the changes I wanted to make.  I had always been interested in personal development and the benefits of a coaching approach in the workplace.  It became clear that I wanted a more direct way of positively helping people in this area.

Fast forward to today, my career is now directly linked with helping people achieve positive change in their lives, delivered  through the skills I have acquired across many years.

I now live in a lovely country village in Norfolk, having relocated from Surrey.  I'm here with my wife and our three young children.  We also share our home with our very energetic cockapoo, our two cats, a hamster and our fish (whose numbers fluctuate!).

I’ve also found the right work/life balance to become an active community volunteer and I'm able to spend quality time with my family, striving to be the best family man I can be.

I don’t believe I would have made the changes I desired unless I had sought out a coach myself to help me navigate my own path.

We are the experts in our own lives, however sometimes it takes the right person alongside you to help navigate it.

I'd love to hear from you, to get to know you a little better and to discuss your own unique situation and to help you build a story you can be proud of.


Picture of Nick Howell with his Dog
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