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A Clients Story - Work-Life Balance

A.J. came to Life Coaching as he was looking for help with his work-life balance situation.

“I was allowing work to absorb my whole life and cracks had started to appear in my relationships with my family and friends. I also for the first time had become quite unhappy in myself and knew that change was necessary, whether that be a change in job or change in approach.”

After an initial conversation where we explored his situation and goals, A.J. set off on a six-month life coaching journey.

So how did we go about it and what did he accomplish?

We first started with building clarity, looking at what was important and why across all aspects of his life, while also identifying perceived gaps. A.J then:

Looked at where he was spending his time, identifying, and implementing changes that were needed with prioritisation and productivity. He got really focused on where he was spending his time.

Looked at redefining where he was seeing his true value within his role as a COO. This helped him identify that effective delegation would help and that some of the work he was doing was not the right work, together we worked on this and implemented effective boundary-setting strategies.

A.J. turned a corner and significantly reduced the time he was spending working out of hours whilst re-establishing his career motivation.

“In relation to my career, I have gone through a significant process of change, role development, relationship building, and skill learning. I have addressed a lot of the things that were making me unhappy at work with good success so far. I continue to work on this and now see a future within the role, which I didn’t at the start of the process. I am now keen to keep developing to continue driving forward.”

Throughout the coaching relationship, we also focused on A.J.'s mindset, building up a more positive frame of mind, and increasing self-awareness. For the first time, he was aware of his values and why he was making certain decisions.

He shifted his focus to other aspects of his life with renewed clarity and momentum, working toward his newly clarified goals in a much more structured way.

“I can say I have made significant progress since the start of the journey and have managed to implement a lot of the learning from the sessions to provide a better work-life balance and succeed in more areas of life.”

Q: Is the coaching meeting your original goals?

“So far, the coaching has exceeded my expectations. I had quite a lot to learn and quickly due to the position I was in. After that initial period of learning it was evident that there were some big things I needed to change at work.”

Q: Are there any other benefits that you have experienced because of your coaching?

“The ability to share learnings with others. I have worked through a few of the exercises and tools with family and colleagues to help them deal with similar problems that I was having. I also find this a good way of getting them to understand the “problems” that I am having, whether that be the values exploration or learning to delegate.”

A.J. is in a much healthier and happier place right now with positive changes occurring in his work life and personal life. He has signed up for another six months of coaching to build on the new foundations he has, and to catapult himself into the future with his continued self-development journey.

“I have seen the benefits of the coaching across a lot of areas this year already. I feel far happier than I did when I started. My wife was sceptical about the coaching process when I first mentioned it, however since starting she commended my decision and efforts to make a change. She stated that she feels as though she has the “real A.J. back” in her life."

"I’d recommend Nick, I would describe him as a fantastic listener who is able to understand a client’s needs and recommend relevant learning to address problems quickly. I find him easy to talk to and I enjoy our coaching sessions.”

If you have similar challenges, goals, and aspirations to make positive changes in your life, please do feel free to reach out for a non-obligation discovery call where we can have a friendly chat.

Nick is a Life Coach based in Norfolk, England & coaching virtually worldwide. Helping his clients achieve success and happiness across their personal lives and careers -

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