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New Business Momentum Through Clarity

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

A Clients Story

Taylor - A story about how life coaching helped someone find clarity and direction with a new business venture…

Taylor came to life coaching at a time when she was feeling overwhelmed and unclear about how to reinvigorate and progress her own life coaching practice. Taylor had spent six months trying to move forward but was finding herself procrastinating with an unclear direction.

“I wanted to shift my mindset around my coaching business. To step into my new role as a coach, start finding clients, and get clearer and more focused on how I wanted to go about creating my business.”

We spent time really clarifying the outcomes Taylor was aiming for, what really mattered to her, and why. The big objectives were broken down and clarity was formed on the steps forward.

“Nick understood my needs well, the reflection and feedback helped me to progress quickly.”

Through our coaching sessions, Taylor explored her values, and strengths. We worked on mindset and explored new perspectives. We also revisited the reasons why she initially wanted to become a life coach in the first place.

“The coaching exceeded my expectations. I had the space to think. I became clear on my core values, this was unexpected and something I was keeping to myself that I really needed help with.

I got into a good routine of showing up for myself each week in our calls and this helped me to stay active and procrastinate less. I actually have a business now that has started to create paying clients and I know my steps to move forward.

I believe much more in myself and am enjoying the process. I’m not getting lost focusing on shiny new objects that take my attention and the constant messaging out there pushing me to do things that just didn’t matter in terms of my own core values, purpose, and goals. I’m feeling good and am excited and having fun building my business now.”

Q: Would you recommend Nick’s Life Coaching?

“Yes! Nick is a calming and level coach that knows what he’s doing when it comes to helping achieve your goals and procrastinate less!”

If you are looking for clarity on a goal or are suffering from excessive procrastination, why not book a free discovery session with me and we can chat about how coaching can help you navigate your path ahead.

Nick is a Life Coach based in Norfolk, England & coaching virtually worldwide. Through his work with individuals and businesses, he helps unlock potential. Helping his clients achieve success and happiness in their personal lives and careers -

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