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Nick Howell Coaching

Virtual and Norfolk Based Coach

Helping people achieve positive, lasting change in their lives

My Coaching Services

Hello and welcome! My name is Nick Howell and I'm a certified, professional Coach.  Coaching people to achieve positive change in their lives is what I'm passionate about. 

Family at home

Coaching For
Working Parents

I help professional working parents get the career they want and to achieve a healthier, happier, work/life balance, benefiting them and their family.

Three Coworkers

Coaching In Your Business

I partner with small and medium-sized businesses, their leaders, and employees, helping to release their potential.  Not only to confidently grow their business and careers, but to also be the best version of themselves across their work and personal life.

Compass Pointing North

About Me

I’m a transformative coach who loves helping people achieve positive change in their lives.....

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"Your Own Self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world"- Ramana Maharshi 

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