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Career Coaching

Our careers make up a significant proportion of our life's focus.  If we get things right, our careers can give us so much.

I believe that we all deserve an opportunity to take a journey and benefit from a catalyst that helps us to improve our career situation.

I provide career coaching with the ultimate objective to help individuals navigate their career journey, to be successful, healthier, happier, and more content.

Achieving our goals and developing our professional lives brings many benefits beyond what we might initially think.


Benefits extend to other elements of our lives, such as our relationships, our mental and physical health, and our overall sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Who I work With

Where My Coaching Can Help

Benefits Of Career Coaching

Using Me as an External Coach

My Coaching Packages

Coaching FAQs


To find out more, you can contact me via the details at the bottom of this page. 


Equally, please feel free to schedule a no-obligation discovery call, where we can discuss your needs.  You will be able to ask any questions you may have and gain the piece of mind you are making an informed choice.

Who I Work With..



Who might be feeling unclear or indecisive about a challenge they have within their current career and who are trying to figure out what is next. Maybe this is within your current career or perhaps you are searching for a change of direction. 

Through a journey starting with increased self-awareness, I help individuals gain greater clarity on their career objectives.

Through self-discovery I help individuals gain realisations on what it is that may be blocking the path ahead.

And through realistic action planning, accountability, expert navigation, and support, I help you obtain lasting change.

Organisations and Their Employees

You want to do the right things to develop and retain your high-performing and high-potential employees and for you to benefit from employees that have the opportunity to grow and develop.

​Coaching can be a powerful service as part of your wider holistic employee development and engagement strategy.


Coaching empowers individuals to own and progress their career development, to enable them to build awareness around their journey and find effective ways in reaching their potential.


​Those people who have a coaching relationship feel valued and it shows that they can develop within your organisation.

Where My Coaching Can Help...

  • A Better Work/Life Balance - Enabling you to show up in your career as your best self, without compromising other important aspects of your life.

  • A Heathy Mindset - Working through issues that may be impacting progress, performance, and motivation.​

  • Career Clarity - Exploring career direction and making change happen.

  • Self-discovery - Learning things such as strengths and values and why these really matter.  Taking a journey through understanding yourself better, shaking off those limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 

  • Productivity & Time Management - Improving what you do with the time you have.

  • Promotion or Progression – Becoming better positioned for success in your next career step.

  • Career Confidence – Building increased confidence and momentum.

  • Conflict Situations – Awareness and approaches for dealing with conflict situations within your working relationships in a more successful way.

  • Career Redundancy & Forced Change – Navigating this unplanned journey in a positive and successful way.

  • Challanges - Working on challenges that may be impeding career development and progression.

Benefits Of Career Coaching

Benefits For You As An Individual

Clarity on what you are searching for

Clarity on the path you will take

A career that makes you happy

Happier and more content

Removing the need to figure it out alone

Anxiety reduction

Stress reduction

Kicking procrastination into touch

More confident with direction

Increased motivation

Better work-life balance

Better goal setting and achievement

Better habit forming

Relationship improvements

Benefits For Your Employees


Provides employee professional development in soft skills that matter

Shows employees that they are valued and can develop within your company

Positively affects employee wellbeing

Empowers individuals to own and progress their career and development

Improves self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-belief

Improves work/life management

Benefits For Your Business


Differentiates you as an employee

Retain your best employees

Positively affects employees engagement and productivity and happiness

A more successful business

Coaching In The Workplace

Read my blog about Coaching in The Workplace -

A Holistic Approach Across Work & Life

Feel free to send me an email, use the form below, give me a call or book a discovery call.  I would be happy to talk things through, and work out the best option that suits you.

It can be a rewarding experience when you take time out to fully focus on yourself.  You as the topic, knowing you will not be interrupted, having no need to identify a sub agenda, experiencing professional coaching.  This is time and focus that we rarely afford ourselves.

You are the expert in your own life, so I will work with you as your unbiased, non-judgemental, curious, patient, and calm navigator to help you find the change you are looking for.

All conversations remain completely confidential.  As a professional coach I work within a professional set of ethical standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions you may still have can be found below.  I'm available if you'd like to discuss things in more detail, please reach out.

  • I haven't experienced coaching before, what can I expect?
    Coaching sessions can be seen as a series of thought-provoking powerful conversations. where we explore the topic which brought you to coaching. I will provide a warm, friendly, enjoyable, non-judgemental, and safe environment. We will properly unpack your situation to really understand and clarify what it is you want to achieve and why. I'll use a series of coaching techniques to help you challenge your thinking and gain awareness of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Depending on your situation, we will use different exercises to provide awareness and clarity, for example: understanding your values, life balance, goal setting, confidence, creative thinking, and limiting beliefs holding you back to name but a few. People have commented that it's a very cathartic and powerful experience to have a dedicated, uninterrupted space to talk at your own pace with yourself as the topic. There is no need to know the coaching process, I will help navigate this. All you need to do is come prepared to talk about the topic of what led you to this stage and the rest will follow, we take it at your pace.​
  • I'm a little nervous in reaching out, what can I expect?
    Don't worry, that's a perfectly reasonable feeling to hold and it could be for different reasons. No need to worry, I am here to help you. I provide a very relaxed, warm, and friendly space where we can talk in confidence and at your pace. It can sometimes be a brave and confident step to even get to the stage of reaching out, so well done for getting to this first stage! Coaching can be seen as a series of thought-provoking conversations, so all you need to do is come ready to start talking about the topic that led you to seek out coaching and the rest will follow.
  • What can I expect from our 'Discovery Call'?
    Our discovery call is just that. A free 45-minute friendly conversation (give or take, I won't clock watch). A chance to meet each other and have a conversation and discover a little bit about each other. In our call (either via phone or Zoom) we can: Talk about your situation and what you would like to be different. If I feel that coaching may be right for you, I'll explain more about coaching and how may help your situation. I’ll provide you with details on my coaching programs. You will be able to ask any questions you may have. I'll offer you the chance to sign up for a package that's a good fit for your situation. If you feel that coaching is not right for you at this time, that's fine. There will be no pushy sales conversations from me. At the very least I hope you will have more knowledge to use for your situation than before our conversation.
  • What frequency are the sessions held?
    Both frequency and scheduling can be very flexible and can be made to work based on your availability and your specific journey. Generally, frequency starts weekly to gain traction, fortnightly to keep momentum and later sessions can be spaced if needed. Ultimately we will land on a frequency that provides a balance of momentum, reflection, and sufficient time to reflect and implement learnings. Flexibility is the key take-away word.
  • How long are the coaching sessions?
    For the 'Transformative Twelve' and the 'Structured Six' Packages The first session is ninety minutes. This is to ensure we have a good amount of time to build a conversation and set some good initial foundations for our further sessions. Thereafter, each session is 60 minutes long, which is on average a good amount of time for a session to be effective. I'm not a clock watcher, so if we feel it's right to carry a conversation to a natural end, timing is flexible whilst respecting any time limits you have. The Focus Month Session This consists of two ninety-minute sessions, a length designed to get the most out of our month together. The 'Power Session' If you are booking the 'Power Session', this is ninety minutes long. This provides us with a good amount of time to explore a single topic or area.
  • How long does it take to achieve results?
    This differs depending upon each individual's unique situation. Clients typically though find that learnings and take-aways come from each session, sometimes subtlety with reflection and sometimes arriving within big WOW moments which is great for both the client and coach to experience. Coaching is also a journey of building awareness with results usually building up over a grouping of sessions. You are in the driving seat as to when you feel you have reached the outcome you desire. Some clients work through a package of sessions and then request further sessions spaced out over time to check in and help keep momentum and direction on their life's goals.
  • How much do you charge for your services?
    The 'Transformative Twelve' Package £1424 (payment plan available) - This package provides tailored coaching to work on multi-faceted situations, situations that may contain more change, and a longer journey, where a continuation of a coaching partnership helps keep momentum, accountability, and a provision of a coaching relationship that supports you through those unknown challenges that surface when working towards your change. Usually scheduled over six months. The 'Structured Six' Package £858 (payment plan available) - Allowing deep exploration and opportunity for building a valuable partnership and change journey. Usually scheduled across three months. The 'Focus' Package £395 - A packaged rate for two ninety-minute sessions held across four weeks that can be used to explore and deep dive into a more defined goal or topic. * Discounted pricing for subsequent package bookings for existing clients. * Package carryovers - If you feel you have reached a point in the coaching where you have reached a good place, you can place the remaining paid sessions in the bank, which you can then use as you need within the forthcoming 12-month period. Not sure what option to choose? Not to worry, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your situation in more detail at, +44 7511 415 005,
  • What can you promise?
    Coaching is unique to every single person with many variables so it would be wrong to promise certain outcomes, that said, the vast majority of people do realise the positive change from coaching that improves their lives. I can promise that I will agree and demonstrate my commitment to you and our coaching relationship by: Coaching you to the best of my ability, with 100% of my energy and commitment. Providing a positive and safe space for you to navigate desired change. Provide a space that aims to make the coaching experience an enjoyable one. Being available for each coaching session on time, fully prepared, and in the moment. Being totally focused on your needs and committed to empowering you to take the steps you need to achieve your ambitions and goals. Providing support, and encouragement whilst challenging you to reach your full potential. To be non-judgmental, objective & open throughout the coaching process. Maintaining 100% confidentiality unless required by law to disclose information you have given me. Suggest to you another source of support if at any time we mutually agree that coaching is not the most appropriate way forward for you at this time in your life. We will work together to determine whether termination of sessions and/or referral to a GP/counsellor or another source of support would be beneficial. Giving you as much notice as possible if, for any reason, I need to reschedule a coaching session.
  • What happens if I have holiday time or other commitments during our time together?
    It's important to ensure we keep a regular frequency of coaching sessions to ensure we maintain progress and momentum. If however, you need to fit in those planned and unplanned life priorities, I remain fully flexible to reschedule sessions where needed.
  • Can you help me with mental heath issues?
    Coaches can't provide clinical treatment for conditions such as depression and anxiety or other mental health issues. However, the nature of a coach's techniques and methodologies often result in lowering stress, managing emotions, reducing anxiety, improving relationships (personal and professional), and improving overall wellbeing. Within our coaching relationship, I will raise with you my thoughts on possible needs for another source of support such as a GP or counsellor if I ever feel there may be a need.
  • What's your availability?
    I offer availability across the working week, with morning, afternoon, and evening times available.
  • What are your payment options ?
    Payment can either be in the form of a bank transfer or via PayPal (inc a small additional fee). Payments for the 'Transformative Twelve' and 'Structured Six' packages come with an available payment plan to help spread the payments if required.
  • Do you work by a code of Ethics?
    Absolutely yes. Please find here a link to the Association For Coaching Ethical standards which I follow.
  • What is Transformational Coaching?
    Transformative Coaching - Psychological – It explores the client both inside and out, their beliefs, values, expectations, assumptions, and psychological patterns that guide how they show up in life or the workplace. Humanistic – It builds on the assumption that clients are whole, unbroken and they have the resources they need to make changes. Integrative – Drawn from a wide range of schools of thought, it enables coaches to find their own unique, psychologically grounded way of working with clients. Holistic – Coaches learn to pay attention to all aspects of a client’s experience – the cognitive, affective, somatic, relational, and behavioural dimensions. “Transformative coaching creates the space for the client to see themselves afresh.” Nick Bolton, Founder, Animas
  • Is your business environmentally aware?
    I'm very environmentally aware and believe we need to prioritise the discussion on this topic and take action where possible. Coaching by its nature is rather low impact and attracts little overheads. However, I do use a renewable energy supplier, recycle print cartridges, and use recycled paper. I offer virtual coaching which can help with reducing the impact of travel on the environment. I have also partnered up with, for each coaching package purchased, we will commit to planting twenty trees. This in turn helps in a small way with carbon offsetting and biodiversity.
  • How much does it cost for coaching within the workplace?
    Pricing will differ depending upon several different factors such as - location, content, virtual or in-person delivery, and specific requirements and outcomes. Please contact me and I would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and provide a quote. Rest assured my rates are competitive.
  • Where can you deliver career and leadership coaching?
    This can be performed in person if required or more commonly in these times virtually via Zoom or MS Teams. If there is a requirement for a longer-term workplace coaching relationship, I can also offer a mixture of in-person sessions and virtual, which offer the best of both worlds.
  • How can I measure the effectiveness of coaching?
    As part of my service, I conduct a thorough fact-finding process. My goal is to understand the context and what the desired outcomes are. Within sessions, there is a mixture of big lightbulb moments together with more gradual change over time. Learnings and awareness also coming between sessions resulting from what we have covered. This is why a package of coaching sessions is usually the most beneficial. I will use questionnaires and direct feedback opportunities to compare situations during and after coaching. This serves two purposes: keeping the coaching relevant and measuring its effectiveness.
  • As a business leader, how can coaching help me and my business?
    There have been numerous studies conducted on the topic of coaching in the workplace. Here is a useful article published in Forbes that summarises this.
  • What’s the outside-of-session time commitment likely to be? Is there a lot of “homework”?
    While our sessions are pivotal, much of the transformative work happens in the time between our meetings. Occasionally, I may recommend activities or reflections to undertake on your own. This won't be a requirement after every session, but when it is suggested, it's because these tasks are designed to deepen your understanding and integration of new insights and learning. It's important to note that these activities are a key part of your growth process, helping to solidify the changes you're making.
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